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how to delete a single commit in git

The original poster states: The best answer someone could give me was to use git revert X times until I reach the desired commit. So let's say I want to revert back to a commit that's 20 commits old, I'd have to run it 20 times. ... More

how to change your windows to japanese local

Click on Change System Locale 5. Select Japanese (Japan) from the drop-down Click OK. You should be prompted to Restart your computer once done. If you use Windows XP, youll need the operating system CD: 1. Go to the Control Panel 2. Click on Regional and Language Options 3. Click the Advanced tab and under the Language for non-Unicode Programs", select Japanese from the drop ... More

yt new design how to change grid

Change grid spacing. Most of the templates in Microsoft Visio use a variable grid by default. Variable grid lines change as you zoom in or out of your drawing, and ... More

how to clean a unifilter

unifilter air sock B500 sku: 835-050. Unifilter air sock B500, foam conical element fits inside 100mm air duct for airbox filtration. Clean & service with Uni-Filter oil 835-060 ... More

how to buy a movie on itunes on iphone

Drag the iTunes movie from iTunes to the program directly or simply click Add Movies icon on the top left, there will pop up a window which enables you to choose any iTunes movie or TV Show youd like to watch on TV via Chromecast. Click OK button, then you can see the iTunes videos you have chosen shown on the main interface. ... More

how to eat with ibs constipation

IBS Diet for people with constipation: Some people include dietary fibre in the diet, which helps to get rid of constipation. But at the same time, it also tends to stimulate contractions, generate gas, bloating, and turns the symptoms into that of diarrhoea. ... More

how to upload to google drive from laptop

Click Select Photos from Your Computer. You are prompted to select the files from your computer’s hard drive that you would like to upload to Google+. ... More

how to clean westinghouse pyroclean oven

No-fuss PyroClean Oven Now you can clean your oven using minimal effort and without harsh chemicals. Westinghouse PryoClean Ovens offer the latest in cleaning technology. Two pyrolytic functions safely heat the oven to a high temperature to turn different levels of grease and grime into ash. Then all you need to do is quickly wipe the residue away. Fingerprint resistant stainless steel ... More

how to check girlfriend past ask out reddit

This is the article is total for those who want to Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend and we provide you every type of questions that you want to ask from your girlfriend. So share this article on social network like facebook, twitter, Myspace, ... More

how to draw a dancer silhouette

We present to you a selection of 24 interesting and top Ballet Dancer Silhouette collection. On our site with the button "search" you will find other great free clip arts. On our site with the button "search" you will find other great free clip arts. ... More

how to create your signature live mail

28/02/2013 Signature in Windows Live Mail I want to create a signature, however an instruction given here in this website is useless; it does not work at all. I expect to get a sufficient instruction here in this website from the experts. ... More

how to create a folio for uni

To create a table in a template, first, add all of the fields in the table to your template (Instructions on how to do this can be found here) Next, select the fields which you want to add to the table (using the tickboxes) and click on Create Table: ... More

how to download ps4 minecraft maps

Smaaron Smadkins: Download the map on computer. And then connect your PS Vita to the computer via charger port. Transfer the files to PS Vita folder. ... More

how to create google earth buildings

18/04/2017 Google Earth is the most photorealistic, digital version of our planet. But how?! Where do the images come from? How are they they put together? ... More

how to break into pharmaceutical sales

how to break into pharmaceutical sales Download how to break into pharmaceutical sales or read online here in PDF or EPUB. Please click button to get how to break into pharmaceutical sales … ... More

how to become an organizational psychologist in europe

13/07/2018 · An industrial psychologist, also referred to as an organizational psychologist, uses behavioral science principles to understand and solve workplace problems. Becoming an industrial psychologist requires completion of a master's degree program that focuses on human psychology and organizational theory. The following are typical steps for becoming an industrial psychologist. ... More

how to transfer files from pc to external hard drive

8/05/2014 · 1. WD Passport ultra. 2. Yes. 3. When I click on the saved file, it says Windows easy transfer can't transfer files from windows XP. But it transferred them from the XP computer onto the external hard drive, it just won't transfer from the external drive to the new computer running 8.1. ... More

how to create a calendar invite in gmail

Your colleague can now see your calendar in the message and can open the attached iCalendar (.ics) file in Outlook or another calendar program. Outlook opens an iCalendar file as a new calendar, which you can then view side-by-side with your calendar. ... More

how to draw peter pan silhouette

Peter Pan silhouette to put on pixie stix in goodie bag . Visit. Discover ideas about Pochoir Noel Cameo Peter Pan Silhouette Tinker Bell Silhouette Disney Silhouette Art Princess Silhouette Silhouette Tattoos Black Silhouette Peter Pan Drawing. Peter Pan Silhouette Decal Peter pan, tinker bell and. Wendy McGraw . tattoo ideas. Window Wall Display Peter Pan Captain Hook Silhouette ... More

how to become a marriage and family therapist in california

27/11/2017 · A registered marriage and family therapist intern, Natalie is also an Anger Management 818 facilitator. She works in private practice, and is supervised by Anita Avedian, LMFT, CAMS, IV. In ... More

how to become bus driver yarra public transport

Safety on trams and buses. Travelling on a bus or tram is one of the safest ways to travel on the road and there are things you can do to keep safe while waiting for a bus or tram, getting on or off, and while you are in transit. ... More

how to become more objective

Journalistic objectivity is a considerable notion within the discussion of journalistic professionalism. Journalistic objectivity may refer to fairness , disinterestedness , factuality , and nonpartisanship , but most often encompasses all of these qualities. ... More

how to download a dvd onto a laptop

I recently purchased a ASUS tablet PC (TF600) with a mobile dock (WD01) to replace my laptop. I have a Neat Receipt (NM1000) scanner. Is their any way to load the software onto the tablet? The tablet ... More

how to delete hotmail account from gmail

1/11/2016 · Your screenshot shows that you have setup a hotmail and gmail account and that they are not "linked" to be shown/presented as if it is a single inbox. They are shown in one tile because that is how the default setup is. There is no duplication of gmail account inbox, unless previously you set your account at to check your gmail account. ... More

how to use a hoe in 7 days to die

SDX modding is an enhanced form of modding for the 7 Days to Die game. It allows us to add custom scripts, custom textures and blocks, as well as add entirely new biomes to the world, creating an immersive experience styled to your players and yourself. ... More

how to setup lg smart share on network drive

26/10/2018 However since all my Windows HDD's are "Shared network" ones from Linux NAS servers apart from the "C" drive I was hoping to be able to get the smart TV to access the Windows system - and hence access the Network drives. ... More

how to check drive for bad sectors windows 10

From time to time, it is a good practice to check your hard drive (hard disk) for errors using a tool built in to Windows called CHKDSK (for Check Disk). It is important that you keep a watch on ... More

how to change smtp port in turbo mailer

Good SMTP service means effective email marketing !! SMTP is a protocol required for sending as well as for receiving emails. More precisely, It is an application layer based protocol that facilitates in transmission and distribution of email over the Internet. ... More

how to clean htc desire 816

How to unlock HTC Desire 816. HTC is a Taiwanese manufacturer of electronics. They are one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, and have handsets available on most of the major networks and carriers in the United States and the United Kingdom, including AT&T, T-Mobile, EE, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, 02... ... More

how to map ftp drive in windows 7

11/06/2014 Here is my situation: I want to map drive letter to a ftp server folder, but "net use" command seems unable to map a drive letter to ftp folder. Also, I have found some software could do it, like NetDrive and so on. But Is it possible to map a drive letter to a ftp folder without 3rd software, just use native windows components, command tools or api? ... More

how to build a outdoor daybed frame

2-person daybed Perfect for indoor and outdoor Switch color easily- bonus beige cover Two cushions included Strong aluminum frame- 220kg capacity Quality PE wicker Good craftsmanship Extra thick 6mm High density foam Waterproof cover Removable cover for washing ... More

how to delete skype history on pc

How to delete chat history in skype how to change or delete skype messages on windows android and ios how do i manage my conversation history in skype for conversation histories in skype for business lications delete skype history on windows pc or os x. Related. Trending Posts. History Of Hazara In Urdu Pdf ... More

how to change a speaker box

The Audi S5 is a luxury sports car from the German brand that comes with a subwoofer under the rear deck behind the seats. The subwoofer can be accessed from the boot of the vehicle. If a blown speaker/subwoofer occurs, the speaker must be replaced. A replacement subwoofer can be purchased through ... More

how to cook jumbo shrimp

Prep. 15 m; Cook. 15 m; Ready In. 30 m; In a medium saucepan, bring two cups of water to a boil. Cook asparagus in boiling water for 3 minutes. Drain, reserving 2 … ... More

how to buy cheap sheep in qld

Details about the Australian Wiltipoll Association QLD Members ... More

how to create a large hologram

Inspired by the clients who have the floor space and the wish to make an impression, RichTech have developed a large scale 3D Hologram Projection Display that will surely impress with amazing 3D holograms. ... More

how to delete old myspace account

Once you have logged into your account and have gone through the setup options of your New account, you will need to visit the Settings link, which is a ‘gear’ icon, next to your name in the bottom left corner, and locate the correct option to recover your old MySpace content, or you can click here to show what is available to import from your Classic MySpace account. ... More

how to make rosaria die

This guide offers a walkthrough of the Cathedral of the Deep area in Dark Souls 3. This is an optional area that you can access after defeating the Crystal Sage boss in the Road to Sacrifices area. ... More

how to clean just about everything

Baking sheets: Place the gunky baking pan in the sink and top with a Bounce dryer sheet. Fill the pan with warm water and let soak overnight. Rub clean with a sponge, then rinse well. ... More

pny flash drive how to open

Choose "Tools" from the menu bar at the top of the program, such as Microsoft Word, and pick "Options." Select "Security" from the many tabs displayed in the new popup window. Create a password XXXXX the "Password XXXXX Open" or "Password XXXXX Modify" section and click "OK" at the bottom of the box ... More

how to build a willys coupe

Including main body with 2 1/4" chopped top, doors hung and latched, trunk lid hung, floor, dashboard, window garnish moldings, fenders, running boards, and firewall. ... More

how to build a supercar chassis

A lot of work goes into building a car before it hits the road. The factory is where the design, engineering, and planning of a car becomes reality. And when that car is the new Acura NSX, the ... More

how to change locked desktop background school mac

Users can change the wallpaper from their Pictures folder by right clicking and choosing Set Desktop Picture. Remove or move this the Set Desktop Picture.workflow file here to disable that function. Remove or move this the Set Desktop Picture.workflow file here to disable that function. ... More

how to clean outboard motor cooling system

6/05/2012 The cooling system seems to be blocked. I removed the lower leg and attached a hose pipe to the cooling water feed pipe - no flow. I removed the thermostat housing - no flow. ... More

how to delete ashley madison account

In July 2015, a group calling itself "The Impact Team" stole the user data of Ashley Madison, a commercial website billed as enabling extramarital affairs. ... More

how to avoid fires school

Approximately one-third of house fires and house fire deaths occur during December, January and February, State Farm reports. State Farm shares these safety tips to avoid the 12 fires of the ... More

how to change skype pass

Im paranoid about passwords and now that there are more stories of password and account data circulating I want to change everything! But I cant figure out Skype. ... More

how to add blank color final cut pro

13/03/2008 · Generators (little A button in the lower right of the Viewer)/Matte/Color. Make it white, one frame long and edit it into the timeline. Make it white, one … ... More

how to download spiderman web of shadows in pc

21/06/2017 · Spider-Man Web of Shadows PC Game Overview Spider-Man Web of Shadows developed by Aspyr and Treyarch published by Activision is an action adventure game. Spider Man is searching for Mary Jane Watson inthe city of New York which has been infested by symbiotes. ... More

how to change the wallpaper for only one person

4/08/2013 · Quick tricks for installing self adhesive vinyl by yourself. To view the range visit The product is wonderfully uncomplicated ... More

how to add intro video to scratch

Video Tutorials. Getting Started with Scratch After Getting Started, choose from Introductory Tutorials or Paint Editor Tips. Introductory Tutorials. Make your sprite move forward. Make your sprite spin. Make your sprite change color. Make your sprite dance . Make your sprite follow the mouse ... More

how to delete unwanted downloads

Add/Remove Manager allows you to easily remove any program name from the Add or Remove Programs or Programs and Features (Windows Vista) section ... More

how to close wine mac

This FAQ, or Frequently Asked Questions, 2.9.1 How do I install Wine on my Mac? WineHQ Packages are available for macOS 10.8 and higher. Build and install Wine using Homebrew, MacPorts, or Fink to install Wine. All support the current releases of macOS. The MacPorts installation of Wine will automatically install any necessary Dependencies for a Wine installation. If this is too ... More

how to clean vinyl cabinets

2. Apply a natural solution of baking soda and water to clean white kitchen cabinets. Harsh chemical cleaners often leave a residue behind which can make surfaces appear streaky. ... More

how to add a electrical outlet without breaking wall

Question: My 20 amp breaker which serves 7 wall outlets continues to trip without any reason. It can be reset and it may trip immediately, 10 minutes later or several days or even a month later. 4 outlets are used on regular basis. None are heating or cooling units A … ... More

how to create a folder on galaxy s7

27/07/2013 Re: How to add password protected files and folders into Samsung Galaxy SII? hello dear-you can make your phone full personally by downloading application which is used for this work.So add password protected files and folders into Samsung.Before this you have to download & install any app name "App Protector" or smart lock" .now power off your phone and enjoy after well ... More

how to add events to whats happening in launceston

The Tramsheds, Launceston, Launceston & Northern . Fri 29 Mar 7:00pm / Film. With a vision to mesmerise and captivate, the Ocean Film Festival World Tour showcases more than two hours of sublime footage taken above… ... More

how to become a lulus ambassador

Student Brand Ambassadors on Campus By Mary Zamojski • April 9, 2013 at 9:17pm As colleges, especially Santa Clara, are at the heart of the newest and coolest trends, companies have discovered that there is no better way to market their products than through students. ... More

how to make a phone call to vanuatu

To make free calls to Vanuatu you need VoIP (Voice over IP) Apps. They do not make a call over the telephone network, but instead use the internet . Telephone lines are being relocated, serviced, and looked after by many telephone companies around the world, so they also guarantee a certain call quality, and therefore calls over the telephone network to Vanuatu also cost a bit. ... More

how to change frame size in premiere pro cc

As you change the size of a frame, other frames change size to compensate. All panels within frames are accessible via tabs. All panels are dockable—you can drag a panel from one frame to another. ... More

how to build a flight case

Swanflight are flight case manufacturers and suppliers including bespoke cases for a wide range of items such as DJ equipment, Motorsport equipment, and much more. ... More

how to cut plywood with a circular saw

Note: This question was closed as a duplicate because plywood and veneer both have similar issues when being cut with a circular saw. Hopefully the answers in both questions can help out. ... More

how to change print size

But why would you want to change the paper size? Well, if your content isn’t appropriate for the default 8.5” x 11” size, you may want to alter the size to something bigger or smaller. Or, printing requirements may dictate that you only use a certain size of paper. ... More

how to clear a dvd rw disc

Before we go into the DVD to DVD copy process, its important for us to learn clear the DVD to DVD copy workflow under different conditions. Or in other words, what is the DVD to DVD copy process with only one single disc drive and will the process be different when therere 2 disc drives. By making clear of these principles, you could get a general idea on how to copy DVD to DVD. Have ... More

how to add menu item azera shop

Azera Shop was made to offer your site great visibility on all the mobile devices, so you wont lose any conversions and product purchases just because your visitors use a different device at a certain moment. All your customers can browse through your products or add them to cart, no matter if ... More

how to build a wire fence

How To Build A Wood And Wire Fence Gate Free Cattle Shed Plans How To Build A Wood And Wire Fence Gate Angled Roof 12 X 16 Foot Shed Plans how to make wood shed door Shed Plans Do It Yourself Shed Builder Naples Fl Free Barn Shed Blueprints 8x8 Of course, the information highway, the internet, is an additional great source for woodworking plans. ... More

how to create service order in sap pm

HI I have a contract using VA41 There is a maintenance Plan created for this contract Unfortunately, all Service orders for this maintenance plan have been created (incorrectly) I have tri, How to delete a Service Order created from Contract & Maintanance Plan, PM (Plant Maintenance) Tutorial ... More

how to add contacs in skype

12/04/2018 · In Skype for Windows 10, I had no problem finding a new contact, but I cannot find any icon, button, etc. called "Add to Contacts" as described in the help pages. ... More

how to delete animal crossing new leaf save

Latest update to Animal Crossing: New Leaf breaks existing save editors So if you'd like to edit a previous save file, delete your newly updated one, then import the edited save file, it should work. It'll be as if you just started the game again with the update. It is confirmed that deleting the update data will prompt you to update the game on the home menu and will block access to the ... More

how to become a stockbroker in new york

On the New York Stock Exchange trading floor, brokers trade only client stocks and don’t buy or sell shares of stocks for themselves, according to Business Insider. In New York, the trading floor is extremely fast-paced, and near the times of the opening and closing bells, the atmosphere is chaotic. By about 10:00, the trading floor calms down, and most trades between 10:00am and 3:30pm are ... More

how to use tape a call

In effect your self-tape takes the place of your first read when you enter an audition room – without any direction from the director or a casting director. If we like what we see we’ll call you in and give you a thorough workout. ... More

how to catch raikou monster park

Tag: Penis Growth. Tags > Theme > Sexual Content > Penis Growth. Th visual novel features at least one scene, in which the participant female character grows a penis, thus temporarily or permanently becoming a futanari. ... More

how to change spawn minecraft server

If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom) and select version 1.1.3 Click the PLAY button, wait for the Minecraft game to load. ... More

how to cook crispy chicket pieces

The keys to crispy fried chicken are taking your time and managing temperature. Resting the chicken after you dredge it in flour allows the breading to bind together and dry, making it easier to achieve a crispy crust that doesn't fall apart in the pan. The temperature of the chicken also increases slightly while it rests, which improves the texture of the crust and causes the chicken to cook ... More

how to change bank names on nab

NAB could fix by providing message alert funds are low , as done by mobile data accounts which i sure their well aware of , but no not concerned about customer just the dollar.been with NAB for over 20 years would change but banks all the same . ... More

how to change profile picture on tumblr app

My picture doesn’t show up I’ve been uploading a picture for tumblr so many times, but it doesn’t show on my actual tumblr page. I can see my picture when I am on my dashboard but when I go on my Tumblr page, my picture/avatar is not there. ... More

how to cancel amazon prime 30 day trial

Listen "How to cancel your amazon prime 30 day free trial so you won t be charged 2018" audio music of MP4, Mp3, webm formats in any mobile, smartphones, laptop device. ... More

how to draw a combine harvester

If you have hired or brought a combine harvester, then you must be eager to know how to use them. You are at the right place just continue reading and you will know how to use the combine harvesters using JD concaves . ... More

how to create more memory on samsung s4

The memory is usually partitioned up into OS, Applications, and Storage. It's hard to answer your question specifically without knowing which memory block you're talking about, but in general I'd suggest: 1. Removing any large applications you are... ... More

how to make my xbox one download internet faster australia

Melbourne, Victoria – March 28, 2016. A new Internet Service Provider (ISP) is set to become the next role model for business disruption to benefit consumers; offering blistering fast broadband to Australian households and businesses without the need for an NBN connection. ... More

how to draw ducts in revit architecture

19/01/2012 · Revit MEP 2012 Tutorial - HVAC: Modifying Ducts O'Reilly - Video Training. Loading... Unsubscribe from O'Reilly - Video Training? Cancel Unsubscribe. … ... More

how to draw sailor moon dragoart

This kind of picture (How to Draw Sailor Jupiter Lovely ???N ????N ?N ???? Sailor Moon Crystal ?????? ??N ? N ?? ? N ??N N ?? ? 148) previously mentioned can be branded along with: how to a dog,how to c section,how to d tune a guitar,how to e transfer td,how to f to c,how to ... More

how to cook red cabbage without apples

In collaboration with Belling. Braised red cabbage the perfect make ahead vegetable side dish. Slow cooked with spices, apple and cider. Would Christmas lunch be Christmas lunch without Braised Red Cabbage? ... More

how to delete a row in sql server management studio

SQL Server Management Studio Activity Monitor To find blocks using this method, open SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the SQL Server instance you wish to monitor. After you have connected, right click on the instance name and select 'Activity Monitor' from the menu. ... More

how to build a little greenhouse

What others are saying "Swallow Finch lean to for sale. Purchase this excellent little lean to from South West Greenhouse." "lean-to greenhouse. ... More

how to create an enriched environment

“The idea of creating an enriched environment is to provide stimulation for stroke patients, where there is access to physical, social and cognitive activity while they recover,” Ms Rosbergen said. ... More

kingdom come deliverance homecoming how to get into skalitz

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Guide . Share Favorite . Skalitz Revenge of the Cuman King. This activity can be acquried from Odd Bird, a bandit dressed in Cuman armour who is loitering around the combat arena in Skalitz with three other bandits posing as Cumans. Speak with Odd Bird and listen to what he has to say. He will offer you the chance to fight the 'Cuman King' in hand-to-hand combat, ... More

how to cook baby aubergines

by Baby moov Aubergines. Aubergines are vegetables full of assets for both grown-ups and little ones! The benefits of aubergines. Aubergines are vegetables rich in water (over 90%) and are therefore part of the group of vegetables with the lowest calorie content, like endives or tomatoes. ... More

how to connect anything to google home

You need to connect your smart home devices to the Google Assistant app on your phone. This is what tells the AI what you have and how it can be used. This is what tells the AI what you have and ... More

how to build a fish pond

Creating a small pond inside your house is a very challenging but rewarding experience for fish loving individuals. It can add peace, relaxation, and cozy environment inside your home. Some apartments and condo type unit and you can create a little but beautiful aquarium by using some creative ... More

how to develop safety culture

14/10/2013 · How to Develop a Positive Safety Culture presented by Nick Hardesty from KPA. ... More

how to cook boiled rice in cooker

Use a rice cooker for more than just cooking rice. Steaming vegetables in your rice cooker does not require much effort, but you will need to time them while they cook to prevent overcooking them. A rice cooker boils water faster than bringing water to a boil in a pot, which saves you time when you need to steam vegetables quickly. The rice cooker also automatically turns the heat down for you ... More

how to create relationship among tables

The SQL allows you to create tables and link them so they can exchange information among themselves. Practical Learning: Starting a Relational Database ... More

how to ask your crush out on valentine& 39

Relive the past by writing a note asking your crush to be your valentine. Make sure to leave room for the person to check the “Yes” or a “I thought you never ask” box. This approach will not only look sweet and innocent but will allow you to get an answer without the awkward and nervous Goosebumps. ... More

how to change your screensaver on windows 10

So I found out today that Screen saver timeout setting under Administrative Templates > Control Panel/Personalization no longer applies to Windows 10. This is a … ... More

how to avoid contracting strep throat

The best way to prevent contracting strep throat is by washing your hands thoroughly and often with an antibacterial soap. You should also avoid sharing food or utensils with potentially infected people, and ensure that you cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing. ... More

how to choose an architect nz

ARTICLE Stephanie Matheson. Excavation renovations and basement conversions could cost approximately $250,000 to $500,000+. With section sizes and lawn space at a premium, plus height and boundary limitations in place in most urban settings, basement conversions are fast becoming a renovation style of choice for creating additional living space. ... More

how to cut out background in photoshop elements 11

Personally I would normally put a background color that stands out and by hand remove the background elements. This is a personal option as it comes out better than any select tool. To allow you more information on the way I would do this I shall do a step by step. ... More

how to delete apps on iphone 6s with ios 11

22/12/2015 I bought a new iPhone 6s plus. I put on several apps: some I had used before; some new. Some of the new ones I don't like. Up to the iPhone 6, all I had to do was press the app icon. The icons would start shaking and an "X" would appears in the corner. I could either move them or delete the. On the iPhone 6s plus, al that happens when I press the app icon is that the desktop goes out of focus ... More

how to clean a lambswool duster

6/05/2013 · I can't decide between a lambswool and a swiffer duster (or another type, if your I would love to hear from people who have (dusted with (ideally!) both or either to … ... More

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how to eat guava leaves

Guava leaves have been known since ancient times to cure diarrhea and dysentery. They have also been used to treat nausea, vomiting, menstrual pain, sore …

how to build a conex house

17/01/2017 This post shows how I went about simply framing a wall in a shipping container. I needed to build a room in the back of the shipping container that I

how to delete selection in photoshop cc

2/12/2017 · Drag the layers you want to delete to the trash in layers palette or right click on the layers in the layers palette and select delete layer. You can not delete …

how to download mms photos without data

If you want to use MMS without purchasing a data plan, you may wish to apply the data block so your phone can ONLY send and receive MMS data to /from the cellular network. You can share photos via email, or Apple Messages while connected to Wi-Fi, without using the cellular network.

how to add twitter feed to facebook app

Add a RSS Feed App on Facebook. Add a RSS Feed App to your Facebook site without coding or headaches. Get Started for Free The Best RSS Feed Plugin for facebook Embedding a RSS Feed plugin into your facebook website has never been easier. POWr, the leading website plugin library, has a free RSS Feed that is designed to work flawlessly with facebook. Create the plugin, match your

how to drive with weed on you

In most cases, if you are pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence, fail field sobriety tests and appear impaired, you will be asked to take a breath test for alcohol.

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Nunavut: Bay Chimo (Umingmaktok) NU, Dundas Harbour NU, NU Canada, X0A 8H6

England: Manchester ENG, Ellesmere Port ENG, Sutton Coldfield ENG, Sheffield ENG, Tynemouth ENG, ENG United Kingdom W1U 4A8

Northern Ireland: Belfast NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, Bangor NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 1H8

Scotland: Cumbernauld SCO, Edinburgh SCO, Livingston SCO, Hamilton SCO, Paisley SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 5B5

Wales: Wrexham WAL, Cardiff WAL, Swansea WAL, Cardiff WAL, Newport WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 8D3