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how to download photos off iphone onto mac

Unless you want to download all your photos onto your Mac, we recommend you create a new folder and drag over individual images. It will make this process easier and help keep your photos ... More

how to become a five star professional

The truth about five-star hotel ratings THEY’RE said to be the cream of the crop when it comes to accommodation, but there are a few things you should know about places with a five-star rating ... More

how to cook quince paste

Melt any leftover paste with a dash of Verjuice and brush over a rack of lamb before roasting. if you have a sweet tooth, make cup cakes with a square of quince paste in the base or roll cubes of paste in cinnamon sugar to have with coffee. ... More

how to delete all messages from a sender in gmail

8/01/2016 · How to Block Senders in Gmail. While you can't currently block messages from specific addresses or domains in Gmail, you can set up filters to send those unwanted messages directly to the Trash, never to be seen. Follow these easy steps to... While you can't currently block messages from specific addresses or domains in Gmail, you can set up filters to send those unwanted messages … ... More

how to change dns settings windows 8.1

Open Windows Explorer and Click on Computer. Then Open Control Panel on the toolbar. 2. Click on Network and Internet. 3. Click on Network and Sharing Center. 4. Click on Change Adapter Settings. 5. Double Click on Your Connected Network Adapter. (Make sure to select the network adapter your pc is using to connect internet. If you are using wireless, then select any connected wireless adapter ... More

how to draw chibi mei

Mei Yu shows you how to draw a chibi Maddie Wieda. Fun2Draw. See more What others are saying "Jassy's Blog: Cool Drawings!!!" Fun2draw - How to Draw Cartoons - Chibi Platypus - Draw Animals. Love Drawings Easy Drawings Doodle Drawings Platypus Draw Animals Cartoon Drawings Of Animals Character Drawing Cute Art Fun 2 Draw - How to Draw Cartoons - Chibi Platypus - Draw Animals. ... More

how to create a strategic group map in word

NCVO (The National Council for Voluntary Organisations) is registered in England as a charitable company limited by guarantee. Except where otherwise noted, NCVO licenses the content on this site under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International licence. ... More

how to delete xy save data

Hi can someone help me. I recently booted up my alpha sapphire and it said "The saved game data is corrupted." Can someone help me fix this. Or restore to a previous save. I transferred my valuable Pokemon from X to alpha sapphire. My Pokemon x works … ... More

how to delete internet history on samsung s5

The steps I've mentioned above will delete all cache and internet browsing history. If you want to delete certain bookmarks then you can use Samsung Kies or another file manager app, such as ES File Manager. Both of them will give you option to delete any bookmark you want. ... More

how to add objects in adobe acrobat pro

19/02/2014 · Learn how to edit text and objects in this Adobe Acrobat X training video. Contact K Alliance for more info. - 1.800.330.9111 ... More

how to add member to h3c irf

H3C S5120-HI Series Enhanced IPv6 Switch S5120-52SC-HI S5120-58C-HI S5120-28SC-HI S5120-34C-HI manage the whole intelligent resilient system and all member protocol type. source or destination IP address.0 encryption enhances security. An IRF system consists of a number of member switches. the system will quickly elect a new master to ensure that services are not interrupted. Cross-switch ... More

how to clear my credit for free

Credit Repair Fast! Credit Repair Now! If you have bad credit, slow pays, charge offs, liens, judgments or no established credit and need credit repair... ... More

how to delete recents from preview

When you open the File Explorer in Windows 10, or more precisely the Windows 10 preview that Microsoft released two weeks ago, you will notice that it starts on a Home page instead of This PC. ... More

how to avoid air pollution

Air pollution! Are you irritated from air pollution? Do something to avoid air pollution. Avoiding air pollution is a vital step in going green. ... More

win 10 how to close open files

In Linux, the xkill command is one really easy way to force quit a program. Open a terminal window, type it, and then click the open program to kill it. There's more on this in our list of Open a terminal window, type it, and then click the open program to kill it. ... More

how to build a glider plane with balsa wood

This is not to say that your plane will fall apart because you pinned through the framework, however if there's enough pin holes in the wood there is a chance at some point that the wood will break. Use scrap balsa to hold the edge of balsa Because a pin has a very small cross-sectional area (ie, the width of the pin shaft), there can be a considerable amount of pressure applied to the balsa ... More

how to create wwe account

Register with WWE Auction to bid on signed action figures, ring worn gear, signed Title Belts and more! ... More

how to connect bluetooth headset to computer

Turn the Bluetooth adapter on the computer. Click the Start (Start) button, and then click Control Panel (Control Panel). In the Control Panel window (Control Panel), ... More

how to buy dust in hearthstone

Chris Hoffman’s 6 Tips for Getting More Gold, Cards and Dust in Hearthstone – this will show you how to optimize and mulligan your daily quests among other things ... More

how to buy stuff on gta 5 online

We're not talking about pigeons, stunt jumps, glitches or Easter eggs either. We're talking about entire characters, whole missions, secret sex scenes and phonebooks worth of must-see trivia. ... More

how to add more than one recipient container in exchange

Try changing the syntax for Recipient Container - in this case, set it to OU=District, DC=domain, DC=local. I just created a Dynamic List the same way, with no issue. I just created a Dynamic List the same way, with no issue. ... More

how to choose a boat propeller

As is the case with any propeller, it is absolutely essential to choose the correct size for your boat, engine and application. Also, be aware that even though the propeller can make a huge difference in boat performance, it is still only one determining factor. The engine, transmission and hull, etc., must also function properly in order to achieve optimum performance. ... More

how to cut weight in 1 day

Home Weight loss Lose weight How to Lose 1 kg in 1 day Now How to Lose 1 kg in 1 day Now Before we get into the details please be advised that trying to lose 1 kg a day might be fine but if you continue doing so then it can be harmful. ... More

how to change the pixels on a picture

Youll see the Resize and Skew box, where you can change picture size by percentage if dont know or have an exact figure. Alternatively, you may set the desired size in pixels. Dont forget to check ... More

how to change my mic settings windows 10

13/10/2015 · Microphones vary by design, manufacturer, and user, so in order to find the best set up for you and your microphone on your computer, it is best to test your microphone and adjust accordingly. Fortunately, Windows 8 provides all the tools necessary to set up your microphone … ... More

how to become a qa engineer

Find your ideal job at SEEK with 229 quality engineer jobs found in All Australia. View all our quality engineer vacancies now with new jobs added daily! ... More

how to change your player name on flappy golf

Due to trademark limitations and conflicts, we are starting the process to change the game name from "GOLF WITH FRIENDS" to "GOLF WITH YOUR FRIENDS". This is completely out of our control. To limit the negative effects of a name change we have kept it as close to the original as possible. ... More

philips noise cancelling headphones how to change battery

3/01/2017 Considering that they have active noise cancelling as well they are definitely a bargain! Quick review of the Philips SHB8750NC Bluetooth Noise Cancelling headphones. Thanks for watching, please ... More

how to eat sushi with chopsticks youtube

2/11/2018 "I love sushi, and I eat sushi with chopsticks all the time. I suspected that I could eat sushi with my hands, knowing that some people call sushi "finger food", but didn't have the courage to do it. Reading this, I have enough courage to try it, and the experience feels awesome." ... More

how to change an adjective into a noun

Change Adjective Into Noun. Showing top 8 worksheets in the category - Change Adjective Into Noun. Some of the worksheets displayed are Ness y i ness ity, Work 1 adjective forming suffixes, Name change adjectives into adverbs, Converting nouns or adjectives to verbs, Using suffixes er ar or to make nouns, Noun or adjective, Adjective adverb and ... More

how to become a cosmetic nurse perth

Browse our latest How To Become A Cosmetic Surgery Nurse Uk ideas in our gallery. All the best tips and trends for How To Become A Cosmetic Surgery Nurse Uk . Get the latest photos and reviews from the editors of our blog. ... More

how to install windows on laptop without cd drive

6/11/2011 · I have the store bought addition of Microsoft Office student teacher edition 2003, but my computer doesn't have a CD-rom drive, how would i go about installing office on my computer? ... More

how to call england from ireland

Given below is the dialing procedure to call United Kingdom From Ireland. You will find information on how to make an international call from Ireland to United Kingdom fixed line number or mobile number. ... More

how to delete a bank from quickbooks

A common question that comes up among QuickBooks users is how to add their business bank account to their QuickBooks company file. Follow these 4 steps to easily synchronize your bank … ... More

how to email a link in google drive on ipad

How to Share a Link to Google Drive File with others on an iPhone or iPad? Google Drive has a sharing feature which allows you to share a individual photo, video, file or folder with other people in the world. You can share a file by sending a link by email. To view the file, others can click on the link. To allow others to access your file using the link, tap 'Turn On' or tap 'link icon ... More

how to draw mega pokemon lengdary like pakia

Pokemon fanatics and collectors alike clamber for those certain cards marked with an EX on their faces. All Pokemon EX cards tend to be more uncommon than others, and most of the cards that you can find with this distinction include legendary Pokemon, making them valuable for ... More

how to download os x mavericks without installing

How to Download OS X Mavericks for Free Apple is giving away its newest desktop operating system, OS X 10.9 Mavericks, for free. Here are some instructions for how to get it and what you need to ... More

how to change paint color

For the Pencil, Paintbrush, Airbrush, Ink, and Eraser, it switches them into color picker mode, so that clicking on an image pixel causes GIMP's foreground to be set to the active layer's color at that point (or, for the Eraser, GIMP's background color). ... More

how to delete all photos from icloud

2 Simple Ways to Delete All Photos from iCloud My iCloud Photo Library keeps too many duplicated and unwanted photos. Those photos are eating up my iCloud storage space. ... More

how to play multiplayer on call of mini zombies 2

As it stands, Call of Mini Zombies 2 offers too much of a grind with too little of an incentive to keep playing. When (if?) multiplayer finally debuts, Zombies 2 might have enough to be worth a download. ... More

how to add table in wordpress

WP Table Manager is the only table manager for WordPress that offers a full spreadsheet interface to manage tables, like in Excel! Create a table, apply some really cool themes and start editing tables ... More

how to draw cat in the hat full body

Distinct from the cat face emoji, this cat emoji shows the full body of the animal including the tail, which is generally upright. Cat was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 ... More

how to become a music promoter

6/06/2006 · I have been a huge music obsessive for a few years, mainly in the rock/metal genres..i would love to become a promoter for bands, or get into music management, i am on myspace..and i know its not alot of experience..but i have become good friends with a few bands and helping them get better know..but i would love to do it properly ... More

freeform crochet how to begin

Jenns Way of Starting Freeform Crochet. 1) Make a shape to use as your base. It can be as simple as a square or as complicated as a flower. ... More

how to call macedonia from australia

Given below is the dialing procedure to call Macedonia From Australia. You will find information on how to make an international call from Australia to Macedonia fixed line number or mobile number. ... More

how to become a mathematician reddit

810 NOTICES OF THE AMS VOLUME 58, NUMBER 6 I Want to Be a Mathematician: A Conversation with Paul Halmos Reviewed by John Ewing I spent most of a lifetime trying to be a ... More

how to delete iobit completely safe-mode

It will prompt the system to reboot to Safe Mode, where you can delete the file. To get back to Normal mode, go to msconfig window and uncheck the Safe boot from Boot options. This will ... More

how to come a data scientist

They can come as a collection of scenarios, an advanced mathematical analysis, or even a decision tree. Some models function best only for certain data and analyses. For example, classification algorithms with decision rules can be used to screen out problems, such as a loan applicant with a high probability of defaulting. Unsupervised clustering algorithms can be used to find relationships ... More

how to create a macro in access 2016

Access 2016 is included in the Office 2016 suite (PCs only). If you have a copy of Access you'll be able to do all the examples. Even if you have an earlier copy of Access, you should still be able to complete the examples, as most of the tasks are basic, fundamental tasks that are inherent in most versions of Access. ... More

how to draw alien covenant

Today I will be submitting a lesson that is going to be on a very cool species of alien. The idea to do such a lesson came from the many members that requested I make a tutorial that can show you "how to draw an Elite", step by step. ... More

java how to script add delete variables in terminal

You can pass environment variables on the terminal as part of your Node process. For instance, if you were running an Express app and wanted to pass in the port, you could do it like this… For instance, if you were running an Express app and wanted to pass in the port, you could do it like this… ... More

how to cook chestnuts in a pan

All you need are chestnuts, a good knife and a roasting pan. It is useful (if not 100% necessary) to soak chestnuts for an hour or two before roasting. This helps them for drying out and the residual water creates steam that helps them to cook more quickly. ... More

how to transfer firefox bookmarks from old hard drive

I wasn't aware of the fact that there was a way to export firefox bookmarks until after I formatted my hard drive. However, I backed things up in Time Machine first. Is there a way to somehow get my old bookmarks or is it a lost cause? ... More

how to avoid getting car sick

3. Avoid Heat. Heat can aggravate your sickness. It is recommended to turn on the air conditioning in the car or better yet just open your windows if there is a good breeze outside. ... More

how to change the background music of a kahoot qui

* Background Colors - Change and update video's background color by selecting any color from a wide list of 120+ colors. * Rotate - Apply rotation effect on video * Make musical ly photos/videos square ready - musically photo editor, video editor pro. * Musically video editor pro and video maker - Add music and sound to your videos, * Flip video - Apply flip effect to to flip video vertically ... More

how to create 3d models in photoshop

Every 3D designer wants to see a vivid object as a result of his work. No matter how hard you try to make your 3D model look perfect it often happens, that beautifully detailed, well-crafted piece of work still looks artificial and reminds you of nothing but a plastic mass. ... More

how to delete mac downloads folder

22/09/2011 · Best Answer: If the download folder is the only location for the music and videos that are on your computer, deleting them will remove them from the computer. If the only location is the download folder check iTunes and iPhoto for the import command and import music into iTunes and video into iPhoto. Once ... More

how to catch alakazam in emerald

To get Alakazam, trade a Kadabra to a friend, and it should evolve. Catch a Graveler and trade it to get a Golem, and catch a Machoke and trade it to get a Machamp. ... More

how to change daggerfall controls

DaggerXL is a Modern Daggerfall Engine Recreation for current Operating Systems and hardware essentially it is a remake in the spirit of a port. It will ultimately fully emulate the game of Daggerfall and then optionally enhance it by refining existing... ... More

ue4 how to create cubemap

DDS import is not supported by UE4, whatever the source is, you have to use png or tga. The background is not in cubemap format but in LL format (Longitude-Latitude) that you can simply map on a sphere as skydome. ... More

how to connect hp deskjet printer to wifi

To print using Wi-Fi Direct from your computer, make sure that you have turned on the Wi-Fi direct option in your HP Deskjet 2600 printer and computer. Choose the printers name from the list of the available network in the Wi-Fi settings in your computer. ... More

how to connect a stove to power

The circuit power wires for a 240volt range may be used for either of the circuit power wires, so it really does not matter, the power connections will work either way. However make sure to positively identify the ground wire of the range circuit and identify it as the ground wire with green electrical tape and make the ground connection. ... More

how to create simple text svg file

SVG files are simple text files and so it also gives us the ability to edit them either pre-compile or dynamically in-app. I will show a method for doing this below. I will show a method for doing ... More

how to change fb password

How to Change Facebook Password on Computer: We have quite a lot of passwords for a variety of platforms as much attention is being paid to security. ... More

how to recover corrupted files from usb flash drive

A corrupted USB flash drive problem may occur in many situations. Here's how to recover files and folders from Corrupted USB Flash Drive. Here's how to recover files and folders from Corrupted USB Flash Drive. ... More

how to cut teck cable

Teck 90 Cable is an aluminum interlocked armor cable with both inner and outer PVC jackets. Teck 90 is cut to the length you need and sold by the foot. ... More

how to cook turkey bacon

Bacon wrapped turkey breast laced with flavourful spices all over and baked to perfection, this turkey dish has special, homemade Cajun spice powder made with a melange of black pepper, paprika, cayenne powder, etc that gives us a spicy, mouth-watering flavour. ... More

how to turn off peer to peer tera download

Be sure to set it to "unlimited" download and turn off P2P uploading, for the fastest possible download. It is currently maxing out my download speed, which is sadly about 450 kb/s. Boards ... More

how to carry a dino in ark

★ Ark Survival Evolved Be A Dinosaur ★ Top 10 Best Emergency Survival Foods :: ARK SURVIVAL EVOLVED BE A DINOSAUR :: (As Seen On TV) Watch Video Now! Armageddon Album Ark Survival Evolved Be A Dinosaur First of all, survival for a lost backpacker is rarely a case of food. Shelter, water, avoiding injury and also achieving found all take precedence over nutritional. When it is time to … ... More

how to add tradfri to homekit

I’ll wait till HomeKit is available. I’ve seen way too many broken promises from home accessory makers that intended to add HomeKit but didn’t. ... More

how to tell if a squirrel is safe to eat

The best known genus of tree squirrels is Sciurus, which includes the Eastern gray squirrel of North America (introduced to Great Britain in 1876), the red squirrel of Eurasia, and the North American fox squirrel, among many others. ... More

mobile phone message how to change icons on samsung

3/08/2010 · Re: Icons at the top of the phone SuzyQ Aug 3, 2010 9:46 PM ( in response to soonerchic13 ) If you go to Menu>>Settings and Tools>>Phone Info>>Icon Glossary you will see a list of all the symbols that may possibly show up on your screen, and what they mean--at least a once or two word description. ... More

how to connect 2 computers with ethernet cable

Using a USB stick or an external hard drive. Using Internet and File sync services like Dropbox. Connecting both the computers in a home network. ... More

how to clean a cavity at home

In the process of cleaning enlarged tonsils pus pockets whitening percentages your teeth along the Aspirin is the most commonly used toothache reliever. ... More

how to cut down on packaging waste

Paper Waste Facts Paper comes from Trees… Facebook Twitter It was initially invented as a tool for communication, but today, paper is used more for packaging. To produce paper takes twice the energy used to produce a plastic bag. Everything takes energy to produce. In the case of paper, it also involves cutting down trees. Deforestation is one of the main environmental problems we’re ... More

how to cut tank top sides

Cut your tank. Decide where you would like your elastic waist to lie. If you opt for an empire waist, you’ll want to cut your tank just below the bust-line, leaving an extra 1/4″ to serge or 1+” to hem. I decided to have the dress fall at my true waist, so I wore the tank, wrapped the elastic around where I wanted it, and used a chalk marker to mark it just along the top of the elastic ... More

how to buy deli meat in bulk

Brisbane Bulk Meats has been supplying quality wholesale meat to restaurants in the South Brisbane area and the general public for the last twenty years. ... More

how to draw regression line in excel

16/10/2008 · Home Newsgroups > Microsoft Excel > Microsoft Excel Charting > How to draw a regression line on 7000+ dated data with Excel 2007 Discussion in 'Microsoft Excel Charting' started by Gordon Lee, Oct 15, 2008 . ... More

how to draw a jungle

About How to Draw Jungle Lion Guard: simba the lion king drawings, simba drawing app, how to draw simba step by step drawing lessons, draw lion guard games for kids, ... More

how to draw sailor moon face

Sailor Moon Stars, Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Moon Crystal, Neo Queen Serenity, Princess Serenity, Sailor Moon Outfit, Moon Drawing, Moon Design, Moon Princess Panunee Tatiyawarawong princess serenity & neo queen serenity ... More

how to change provider name on iphone

How to Change iPhone Carriers by Chester Rockwell ; Updated September 28, 2017. Items you will need. iPhone. USB cable for iPhone. SIM card activated for use with a GSM wireless provider. iPhone pin or a thin paperclip to remove SIM card tray from iPhone. A jailbreak and unlocking tool . Despite the fact that the iPhone has exclusivity agreements with some wireless carriers, buyers can ... More

how to clear dns cache on mac

Flush DNS Cache on MacOS. Flushing the DNS in Mac OS X is an easy process, but the steps taken will depend on which version of OS X you are running. ... More

how to connect to apple store on iphone

26/02/2016 I went to the Apple Store and they told be they cant do anything other than resetting the iPhone ( which will erase everything). They said Apple is not doing any passcode recovery incase it is a stolen phone. But the phone is mine. And it has my apple id, credit card number etc. I can prove that its mine. Please help me, I dont want to lose my stuff. ... More

how to delete a second account on instagram

28/06/2016 Since Instagram has changed their algorithm many times now these instructions may not work with new model phones or new accounts. And Yes, of ... More

how to cook purple potatoes on stove

Just like my kabocha squash fries, these roasted purple carrots are another solution for a side dish that is super healthy and loved by the whole family. ... More

how to buy eos cryptocurrency

31 rows · If you want to buy EOS using your bank account, you’ll need to find a cryptocurrency … ... More

how to create 100 free product promotion on amazon

After your free trial, Amazon Prime is just $6.99/month. Until 31 Jan 2019, take advantage of an introductory price of $4.99/month. Cancel anytime. Until 31 Jan 2019, take advantage of an introductory price of $4.99/month. ... More

brcm how to add tag numbers

6/12/2013 · Myers Autoworld 2603 Broadway Anderson, IN 46012 765-649-1253 ... More

how to build a caravan in minecraft

1/02/2016 · I must agree that as a camper I am always looking for a better mousetrap Building your own caravan will get you the closest to the ideal van possible, practicality will step in and ruin a few dreams. ... More

how to connect leica blk 360

Page 1. Leica BLK360 User Manual Version 1.0 English... Page 2. Always refer to this information when you need to contact your agency or Leica Geosystems authorised service centre. ... More

how to download fallout 4 high res texture pack

The Fallout 4 official High-Resolution Texture Pack is a totally free download for PC owners of Fallout 4. Bethesda said to "Consider this free download a love letter to our amazing PC fans that ... More

how to adjust drive belt on murray riding mower

tw1276, you did not tell us if you are looking for the drive belt or the mower belt. Both images are attached. Hope this helps, good luck Mower diagram Drive Diagram - Murray Riding Mower Both images are attached. ... More

how to delete history on samsung s7

How to delete Alexa voice history on Android; How to talk to Alexa on Android; Samsung galaxy S7 keeps restarting: How to fix . bestusefultips Leave a comment. Samsung galaxy S7 and galaxy S7 edge keeps rebooting again and again. When open any apps or games in my galaxy S7 edge, Suddenly restart my device. Random reboots is sign of need firmware update or faulty battery on your Galaxy S7 … ... More

how to delete a facebook group you made

23/11/2012 A short video explaining how to delete a group on Facebook once you have created one. ... More

how to change the background colour on google docs

change backround color in google docs youtube beauteous background on doc, change background color in google drawings youtube showy on doc, how to change page color on google docs learnfree me entrancing background doc, my new favorite extension gives google docs a dark mode chromeos outstanding change background color on doc, google docs ... More

how to create an entrance way

Homes with an open floor plan are inviting, but without a foyer, the entry door dumps dirt, drafts and outdoor gear into the main living area. ... More

how to become a rehabilitation provider

About. It's important to understand cultural differences in case management, as differing approaches to care can impact an individual’s progress and participation in a rehabilitation setting. ... More

how to draw an old church

Drawings Of Old Country Churches Landscapes Gallery Art Country Church Oil Painting on Canvas Handmade Fine Art Hang on the Wall ... More

how to add your paypal shopify

Add your PayPal email address under Shopify Settings > Payments Section. Later, you can change, remove, or add additional payment options. Later, you can change, remove, or add … ... More

how to build a ship on aegis beta robloz

aegis cruiser (the death of the sea) a carrier from the GDI movie scenes, able to carry aircrafts, and! build hovercrafts with units inside them(you will have in your build panel hovercrafts with description on what units will have in them) also what type of aircrafts you can build on the carrier) ... More

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how to develop self determination skills

teams specify the need for students to develop self-determination skills, par- ticularly focusing on independent living, self-awareness, and self-observation for

nvidia how to change gamestream settings

Enhance the application setting (with the settings specified under Antialiasing-Setting) provides the most reliable and highest quality antialiasing support if you want to use NVIDIA’s antialiasing with applications that have built-in antialiasing controls.

how to connect wacom stylus to ipad

The Intuos Creative Stylus from Wacom is a pressure-sensitive digital pen for sketching, drawing and painting on an iPad. What is the benefit of pressure sensitivity on an iPad? The Intuos Creative Stylus can reproduce the feel and artistic control of traditional brushes and markers so it?s ideal for sketching, illustrating and image editing.

how to check if a link is a download link

The link text is the visible part (Visit our HTML tutorial). Clicking on the link text will send you to the specified address. Note: Without a forward slash at the end of subfolder addresses, you might generate two requests to the server.

how to call ethiopia from usa

This page helps you call from Ethiopia to USA using international country codes. Area Codes for USA are also supplied. Country Code 1 is for USA.

how to become a security engineer

Similarly, when you reach the intermediate level you will be designated as a security engineer, security consultant, and security analyst. The designation of security architect is actually a promotion which you get in large IT companies. You can also serve as Chief Security Analyst (CSA) or a CISO. Essential Qualifications for becoming a Security Architect. The post of security architect is a

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